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This puppy must be seen by your vet, within 48 hours of receiving puppy. Any problems resulting from abuse, neglect, and/or lack of follow-up care, or poor care will void/nullify any claim/benefits you have been given by this contract.
The following agreement is between Melissa K. Row, hereafter known as “Breeder” and ____________________________, hereafter known as purchaser

General Health
The puppy you have purchased, AKC#___________________ Microchip #_____________________ from Melissa K. Row of Mustard Seed Meadows, is guaranteed to be in good health and free from any life threatening congenital defects, to the best of my knowledge, at the time of the sale. The puppy has been seen, examined and evaluated by my vet (Hartsville Animal Hospital, 1-843-383-4555), and has been cleared for placement. The exam includes a fresh fecal to check for parasites or n infection. Skin and coat condition clear and clean, free from any lesions or discernable problems. Eyes and ears clear and clean, free from any odor or discharge. No murmur or irregular heart rate detected by auditory evaluation. Breath sounds are clear. The puppy has a clean, breed appropriate bite. No Umbilical Hernia present. This puppy is up to date on temporary vaccinations. This puppy has received a vanguard plus 5 with corona @ the vet recommended developmental intervals. Should the puppy be older than 12 weeks, all age appropriate vaccinations will have been given on the recommended schedule up to the time of placement. . All dates of administration and vial labels will be included with the health record. This puppy has been treated with Nemex II for parasite control (see health record for all treatment dates.)and at 8 weeks advantage multi will have been started.  Should this puppy develop Parvo, Distemper or ANY SERIOUS ILLNESS, I must be notified the day of the occurrence by phone, with all pertinent information, including your vet’s phone number. I will also need a written, signed statement from your licensed, certified vet detailing ANY life threatening or chronic or congenital health problem he/she may have found as well as a copy of the health record.  The purchaser has the right to return the puppy to the breeder during the first seven (7) days from the date of signature on this contract for a refund in the amount of the purchase price, for any life threatening congenital or chronic medical conditions certified by a licensed veterinarian.

 Should this puppy have to be put to sleep within the first year due to an inherited ailment/disease, purchaser has the right to receive a new puppy from a future litter at no cost, provided a written diagnosis by two(2) licensed veterinarians (unrelated) has been handed to the breeder.   “THIS INCLUDES A LIVER SHUNT” which may not be detectable until the puppy is much older.  Please be aware our terrier lines have never produced a puppy with liver shunt.

YOUR PUPPY IS BEING SOLD TO YOU WITH A LIMITED REGISTRATION. That means NO CONFORMATION EXHIBITION and NO BREEDING. Should the puppy/dog you have purchased, be used for breeding purposes, without the written permission of the breeder, Melissa K. Row, legal action will be taken against you the purchaser of the puppy. All costs associated with proof of use for breeding (DNA, Genetic testing etc. etc.) as well as all legal costs incurred during legal action will be paid by the purchaser of the puppy/dog. The puppy/dog will be returned to the original breeder and damages and breach of contract fees of $3000.00USD per breeding and $1000.00 per puppy produced will be paid to the original breeder, Melissa K. Row. There is no guarantee your puppy/dog will mature into a “SHOW DOG” or be capable of success in any show ring

Your  puppy /dog must be kept on a PROPER diet of Royal Canan / Eukanuba . A PROPER diet means regular, four daily feedings with adequate nutrition to promote good health, while a puppy. As your puppy grows, matures and establishes a consistent weight and size, the 4 times a day feedings can be reduced to twice daily feedings.   Food and fresh water should be available at all times.

There is no guarantee on seizures due to low blood sugar resultant from inadequate /poor nutrition, and/or poor or inadequate care or neglect.

There is no guarantee on size or weight at maturity.

The seller assumes no financial responsibility for the puppy after you receive the puppy. That means you are responsible for feeding and all health care for your new pet as well as any damage it may cause. The seller assumes no financial responsibility for disapproving landlords, unhappy family members, unhappy neighbors, allergies to the puppy/dog. Or you just changed your mind. IF FOR ANY REASON AND AT ANY TIME , you are unable to keep the puppy/dog, or you no longer WANT the puppy/dog for ANY REASON and regardless of its age or your or the dogs residence or location, The puppy/dog must be returned to Melissa K Row by the fastest and safest route and delivery method possible. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this dog/puppy to be sold, loaned, leased or given to another individual or organization/company, or broker, or breeder, or pet shop, or placed in a shelter, pound, breed rescue or any rescue organization or to any place or party without the written permission of the breeder.

Should the puppy/ dog be returned for any reason, all expenses associated with the return will be the responsibility of the purchasing individual.

Should the purchaser or any household member be charged with animal cruelty/abuse or any act that is contrary to humane and responsible treatment of animals, this puppy/dog will be returned to the Breeder without delay

Please note:  Our puppies/dogs are sold as standard pets/companions. They all have nice pedigrees but we want our babies to go to very loving homes where they will be a much loved member of the family. There is no guarantee they will achieve any success in any show ring and are NEVER to be used for breeding

This contract is a mutual agreement between breeder and purchaser. ALL terms and conditions of this contract are binding and non-negotiable. Should the terms of this agreement be broken, incidentally or deliberately, the breeder will pursue their options as stated in this agreement to the fullest extent, allowable by law. . Further, should legal action become necessary to fulfill terms of this contract.  Purchaser will be held liable for all legal fees and court costs. ALSO, any placement costs, maintenance costs, boarding, medical and associated miscellaneous costs, (such as but not limited to retraining, socialization etc.) related to this puppy/dog will be the responsibility of the Purchaser.

I, _________________________________the purchaser, have read, have had ample time to discuss, have had any questions answered and fully understand this binding and legal purchase agreement between myself and Melissa K. Row./Mustard Seed Meadows for my Yorkshire Terriers. I am signing this contract of my own free will and without any form of duress.

Breeder: Melissa K. Row __________________________1992 Tabernacle Church Road, Mc Bee, SC 29101 AKC#_______________________________Microchip#________________________ Witness: ___________________________ Date________________________________ New Puppy Owner (print) _______________________________________DL#________________________ New puppy owner (signature) _____________________________________________________________


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Thanks!!!!!! Love them LOTS!!!!!!! Melissa K. Row