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Male vs. Female, Which to choose?

The following information is from my personal experience. I think each individual must make their own choice.

Female Yorkies are more calm and docile than male Yorkies
            At our house; the females are the reigning queens. They always determine who is top dog and where all of the others fall in place in their “pack.”  They compete among themselves to preserve and/or change the order. They are definitely more independent, vocal, and territorial than males and can be more stubborn. Almost all disputes or fights are among the girls especially when someone is coming into heat.

Males are more difficult to train than females
            Males are quickly and easily motivated by attention and praise, but can be easily distracted. Females are more independent and territorial. We paper train all of our dogs and find males might be slightly easier. You must also remember we are a multiple dog household. The things that we experience are not necessarily what a one or two dog family will experience.

Females are more affectionate than males
            In my experience, the opposite is true. I find males to be the lovers. They are the ones that are tight against you ready for petting and attention. They are also more attentive and joyous. I think they accept children faster. I have never had to remove a male when visitors come. The males tend to be less moody and more ready to conform. We have also found that male Yorkies tend to stick with the women in the house while the female Yorkies gravitate toward the men in the house.

Alpha Behavior (Marking, humping, dominant behavior)
            As I discussed earlier, females are much more likely to exercise their dominance through alpha behavior. The females are usually the ones who display infighting for dominance. They will also mark or urinate on an object to show their superior status. I have 3 females that will do that, more so when someone is coming in heat. The males will mark if it is breeding time and they are non-neutered. We have found males that are neutered young rarely mark.


Again we are a multiple dog household. The alpha behavior, training issues, etc are rarely seen in non-multiple dog families. I don’t really think one is better than the other. It is a matter of personal choice.